Political and Civic Engagement of the Lebanese Diaspora Civil Society Organizations Blueprint

Ibrahim Jouhari - Lebanon - 03/13/2023 11:13

The 2022 Lebanese elections saw a larger mobilization of the diaspora as manifested by a turnout rate superior to the one registered inside the country. Additionally, the diaspora expressed an orientation toward change with   30% vote for emerging nonsectarian parties and independent candidates. 

Civil society organizations targeted more actively the diaspora during the last elections in an attempt to mobilize Outside of the Country Vote (OCV) in favor of change. 

The Averroes Policy Forum aims at documenting and analyzing CSOs deployed initiatives (both online and offline) amid greater diaspora political engagement with major focus on: 

● On the ground efforts deployed in this regard.

● Challenges faced by CSOs in their efforts to mobilize the diaspora. 

● Forward looking approaches to sustain a long-term political engagement of the diaspora beyond the electoral timetable. 

The study will feature insights from CSOs based both in and outside Lebanon with the aim to generate practical recommendations to better integrate the diaspora in the long-term political process of the country. 

We are seeking at this stage insights from CSOs with established initiatives engaging the Lebanese diaspora in the political and civic process. If you wish to participate, please fill in the survey :


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